We may not look like much, but we pack one heck of a punch.

About Us
Kevin Bradford, Founder, Elkhorn Hosting

Kevin Bradford, Founder, Elkhorn Hosting

Elkhorn Hosting is the domain and hosting arm of Aspen Digital Services, headquartered in Baker City, Eastern Oregon. We provide domain registration and web hosting services.  There.  We said it.

We register domains under the ICANN license of our Great Mother Bovine, TuCows, with backing from her army of, frankly, awesome support soldiers at OpenSRS.

We love web hosting and take pride in our delivery of that service.

We lean toward minimalist style, although we’re not purists. Maybe we’re just boring…

We talk too much, but always say it like it is.

We don’t mess around.  At least, not when it comes to our customers and their domains and websites.

For more about Elkhorn Hosting, visit our self-praise page.

For more For more information about our parent company, visit Aspen Digital Services.

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