We don’t have the luxury of treating you like just another fish in sea.  Nor would we want to.

Why Host With Us?

We would never claim to be the best web host out there. Heck, we wouldn’t even know how to quantify that.  But we can say with confidence that we’re better than a great many web hosts out there—even some of the big ones.  Actually, especially some of the big ones.  We’ve found some of the national brands to be the worst abusers of their customers.

So, assuming, that a web host offers a robust and competitive hardware, software, and network environment—the bare minimum to qualify one as a “good” web host—what makes one “better” than another? We believe it boils down to three things: integrity, familiarity and service. In that order.


It seems to be taken for granted that all web hosts have integrity. Or, at least, that they all have it in equal amounts. This shouldn’t be taken for granted, because it isn’t true. We know. We frequently get new customers who come to us on the heels of having been taken advantage of by their web host (and/or domain registrar). To us, integrity is the most important distinguishing characteristic we bring to the table. Sometimes it costs us a potential sale, especially when the person is simply looking for the cheapest on-the-surface price, or some other special concession (that we’re unwilling or unable to offer). But we’ve never had a customer leave us because he felt ripped off, lied to, or abused. Not once. We deal off the top of the deck. It’s just that simple.


We’re a small web host by pretty much every comparison. But we don’t feel that this is is a liability. Rather, it’s due to our being a fairly new player in the market. We expect to be a large company before it’s all said and done. Only, in growth we don’t want to lose our second most distinguishing characteristic—familiarity. Meaning, we are familiar with our customers’ website needs and activities. At least, as familiar as they want us to be. This familiarity gives our customers a confirmation of their importance to us, and it is accomplished by doing business on a person-to-person basis. We will not change this, no matter the growth we experience. Our business model prohibits it, in fact. This may mean that we grow at a slower pace than other companies, but we’ll accept that.


Service is a loaded word. Every web host will define it in those terms which benefit them the most. I suppose we will, too. You be the judge. When we speak of service that distinguishes one web host apart from others, it’s the kind of service that stems from the first two distinguishing characteristics already mentioned—integrity and familiarity. We don’t actually feel to go on at length about what good service looks like, because it is a natural by-product of integrity and familiarity. As long as you truly offer the first two, superior service will follow. So we’re not going to ramble on about it. You can experience it yourself anytime you give us a call, or send us an email. You’ll always get our best.

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